The NAMA Board of Directors, by Resolution per the Association's By-Laws, has created the following Committees.  

If you would like to be considered to serve on one of NAMA's Committees, please complete the "Call to Serve" form and email it to [email protected].  Under the Association's Policies and Procedures for Committee Membership and Leadership, NAMA's President will make the appointments.

Please contact Susan Gaffney at [email protected], if you have any questions about NAMA's Committees or the organization.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for overseeing the association’s communication strategies.  These strategies include the association’s web site, newsletters, and communications with members, and the public. 

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is responsible for assisting with the development of the Annual Conference program.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for helping to develop strategies related to growing NAMA’s membership. The Committee also reviews membership applications per the Membership Acceptance Criteria Policy, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. 

Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending NAMA positions on federal policy matters, directly related to municipal advisors.  The Committee also serves to help facilitate the involvement of the association on issues of industry-wide concern.

Standards, Ethics, and Education

The Standards, Ethics and Education Committee provides strategic direction for the association’s educational offerings and professional programs for NAMA members. This includes activities related to NAMA’s professional programs and codes of conduct (e.g., CIPMA and Code of Ethics).  Additionally, the Committee oversees the development of educational programming, member tools and resource documents and practices that benefit the membership activities as municipal advisors.

Governance Committee 

This Committee will assist the Executive Committee and Board with the review of NAMA’s By-Laws and other association policies.

The following Committees are also designated by the Board, pursuant to the Association’s By-Laws.

Executive Committee

The “Executive Committee” shall serve to address items where a preliminary discussion is needed before full Board consideration, full Board action is not required but assistance is requested by the Executive Director, or action is needed in a timely manner. The Executive Committee shall also serve to review contracts, including that of the Executive Director, and assist with the annual review of the Executive Director. There shall be three (3) Executive Officers of the Association (the “Executive Committee”): Past President, President, and Vice President.

Budget and Finance Committee

This Committee consults with the Treasurer and works to assure compliance of the Association with all financial provisions of the Certification of Incorporation, matters related to the Association’s 501(c)6 status, these Bylaws, and responsible stewardship of Association funds.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall nominate the appropriate number of Officers and Directors in a given year as shall be necessary to fill any prospective vacancies through the direction of policies and procedures.  The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee. In addition to Executive Committee members, the Board of Directors may, at its discretion, appoint up to three (3) additional individuals from the membership to serve on the Nominating Committee.